Renewed GOP Criticism of Hollywood Emerges in 2024 as Lauren Boebert’s Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds Blame Game Takes Center Stage

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Lauren Boebert Blames Ryan Reynolds

When Lauren Boebert attributed her decision to switch Colorado districts during her reelection bid to Hollywood, she joined a lineage of Republicans critiquing the industry and its pronounced inclination towards supporting the left. This recurring trend sees GOP candidates consistently taking aim at Hollywood, given its donor base, which predominantly favors Democrats.

Over the weekend, during an interview with Steve Bannon for his podcast, Lauren Boebert accused Hollywood elites of attempting to influence her current district, prompting her decision to switch from Colorado’s 3rd to Colorado’s 4th for better odds in a more Republican-leaning area. Boebert alleged that Hollywood figures like Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds were contributing to her Democratic opponent’s campaign in an effort to “buy their way into Congress.”

Boebert targeted Adam Frisch, her likely Democratic opponent in the general election, who had raised about $8 million by the end of September, surpassing Boebert’s own fundraising. Boebert asserted that the district switch would disrupt the flow of “dark money” into her campaign, highlighting her vulnerability as a top Democratic target.

Frisch did receive contributions from Streisand and Reynolds, along with other Hollywood names, totaling $75,583 from showbiz sources as of September 30, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Despite this, Boebert’s tactic of criticizing her opponent for Hollywood support is a familiar strategy employed by Republicans, leveraging it for media attention and fueling culture wars, particularly appealing to rural voters.

While Boebert decries outside influence, she herself has garnered support from non-local figures, including celebrity donors like Jenny Craig in the 2020 cycle and Liberty Media’s John Malone, who, with a Florida address, contributed the maximum $6,600 to her campaign last year. Boebert’s attempt to distance herself from one set of elites while engaging with another reflects the complexity of her political strategy as she navigates a competitive primary in her new district, where standing out is paramount.

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