Sarah Khan doesn’t regret anything in personal life

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan recently appeared on Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjosh Eid special and revealed she doesn’t regret anything in life.

Talking about her personal life and whether she regrets disclosing certain things about it, she said “I don’t regret anything. You live moments in life and take a decision which you once thought was the right thing to do so why regret it?”.

Sarah Khan shared that she believes in evil-eye but it’s unjustified to blame everything on it, for her a human being’s actions are more important. She is a firm believer of God’s will and said that everything happens for a reason.

Sarah  considers her sister Noor Zafar Khan a better actress. She also said that she likes to share positive news about her life with people when inquired about whether she ever suffered from a serious illness.



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