Drama Serial Dil Nawaz Cast

By | December 16, 2018

Drama Serial Dil Nawaz Cast

Drama Serial Dil Nawaz

Written by Syed Nabeel
Directed by Najaf Billgrami
Producer Ijaz Aslam

Cast: Neelum Muneer as DilNawaz , Minal Khan as Kiran, Wahaj Ali as Fawad, Najaf Billgrami as Majbzoob,Waseem Abbas as Khalid, Shazia Shah as Jahan Ara, Nida Mumtaz as Rasheeda

Drama Serial Dil Nawaz It’s exciting to have a jinni as a beloved and maddening when the ghost has a human rival. The clash of human strengths and supernatural powers creates an eerie impact that haunts you forever. Stay tuned for a new horror thriller Dil Nawaz.

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